Get to know Natalie


With a bright smile and an even brighter heart,  Natalie Broussard brings her Christian faith and compassion for helping others where ever she goes.  Never giving it an extra thought, she seeks to make differences in other's lives.

This New Iberia wife, mother of three and attorney lives an unselfish life of service and love, helping clients, constituents and community for the principle of living a purpose filled life. 

As a Parish Council Member, Natalie is often seen as the catalyst to bring all sides together in compromise and productivity.  Following years of deadlock and conflict between the parish council and parish administration, it became obvious that significant changes in attitudes and perceptions were needed to be made.  With a soft smile and gentle, but confident voice, Natalie quickly became the example of how to accomplish public priorities with grace and professionalism. 


Guided by her conservative principles, Natalie strives to make the right decisions based on constituent feedback and the overall health of Iberia Parish, the Acadiana Area, and the State of Louisiana as a whole.

On the home front, things get no less busy.  The mother of three makes time for her prized possessions, her children Blade, Sarah and Claire.  In her own typical unselfish fashion, she is quick to shift the credit to her husband Barry in building the loving family unit.  As the family is maturing, it is also growing, with the two oldest siblings recently becoming married and the first grandchild coming in the very near future. 


Additionally the family has recently taken on another role, as a military family.  With the oldest of the three children, Blade, joining the Navy, Natalie proudly wears one of her favorite titles, Military Mom.  Out of this experience was born the Mothers of the Berry Boys (MOBB) squad.  The support group of mothers gather to visit, share emotions, and support the difficult times tied to military service of their children.

Like many, the family has also faced tough and difficult challenges along the way.  In 2006, Barry and Natalie suffered the loss of what would have been their second daughter, Mary Ellen.  Within Natalie’s pregnancy, it was discovered that Mary Ellen had a birth complication known as Trisomy 18.  Also known as Edwards’s syndrome, the chromosomal condition results in pre-birth developmental issues which are often devastating.  The prognosis for Mary Ellen was a difficult one to accept and left a grief struck mother to carry full term, as guided by her faith and morals.  Natalie’s angel was delivered on October 24, 2006.  A deep pain for the parents and siblings ultimately became a spirit that is celebrated around the Broussard home in unique tributes in everyone’s own personal way.  In typical Broussard fashion, the experience was used to promote awareness of the condition and help support other grieving parents.

While never focusing on self, Natalie has been active in many community organizations and projects.  Service to organizations such as United Way, CERT and Highland Baptist Church, to name a few,  will show her passion and commitment to helping her neighbor as her faith calls.  Not afraid to get her hands dirty, Natalie, along with her favorite teammate, Barry,  were instrumental in the August of 2016 Acadiana flood response.  After walking through thigh deep water delivering sandbags, the duo showed up at the local shelter and became fixtures for making people comfortable and insuring they were cared for.  The two helped interview victims, worked logistics for food and support, and even paid for meals out of their own pockets.  At one of the most trying and emotional times within the shelter, Natalie took upon herself to assist a young mother struggling to make arrangements while tending to her infant.  In what remains a symbolic picture of what Iberia Parish volunteers did for their neighbors, Natalie can be seen rocking the baby to sleep following her bathing and feeding the child. 

Within both her professional and volunteer service, there is a common theme,” families should be first in every case”.   In her law practice, she enjoys the ability to work to protect everyday people and ensure that justice is obtainable for everyone.  As a wife and mother, she especially connects with the ability to make sure children are never overshadowed in difficult situations.

Natalie Broussard’s belief in the motto “to whom much is given, much is expected” is evident by the impacted people left in her path, while continuing to search for the next person to help.  Her friends and family will tell you that she has a drive with no brakes and a passion to share God’s love with those who may need even the smallest of assistance.  Natalie’s soulful commitment to community, constituents and her fellow man serves as a bright light, in what sometimes seems as the dark world of politics.


People Matter More Than Politics

Politics and politicians have taken on a negative connotation, mostly self-inflicted.  Natalie however, is not a politician, rather, she is a servant.  Her mission in life is to always live her Christian calling- to help those who need help and be an instrument of justice.  That is why long ago she adapted the motto:

"People matter more than politics, in every case."