Celebrating Memorial Day

With Memorial Day approaching, I felt it is a good time to reflect on what the National holiday should mean to each of us.

Since 1971, the United States of America has used the last Monday in May to observe “Memorial Day”. The purpose is to recognize, remember and celebrate those American Soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice and died in military service to the country.

While I have always respected the day and celebrated it through thoughts and prayers for those special warriors, it admittedly took on a new meaning for me when our oldest child joined the Navy. It is a challenge that creates increased anxieties, but also gives a certain sense of pride unlike anything I have ever experienced before.

Military life, in the case of both the soldier and their family, reinforces many of life’s lessons. The soldier is changed forever as the values ins

tilled upon him from his service are those of duty, loyalty, respect, honor, and service above self. The one that seems paramount however, is the act of being unselfish. In my mind, there is no greater philosophy, lesson, idea or culture that you gain from the military as the concept of being an unselfish leader.

The military is steeped in service, protecting others, hard work and sacrifice. If we take away anything this Memorial Day, in the mist of our barbeques and celebrations, let it be that we should all try to honor the fallen soldier’s sacrifice, by being unselfish leaders in our own lives.

You will see the yellow ribbon incorporated into our campaign for this very reason. I wear it almost daily as a reminder of my son, my son-in-law and to be an unselfish leader.

Have a safe and blessed Memorial Day Weekend,


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