Natalie Broussard's Statement on Qualifying for the Election

As you may know – this week I qualified as a candidate for District Judge of the 16th JDC, Division F.  I am seeking your support, prayers, and vote on November 3rd election.

Many years ago- I knew I wanted to be a judge, simply because I have seen things that needed to change.  In years past, I have observed politics at play in the courtroom, and when it affects real people and real families- I know something has gone wrong.

As a judge, you must be focused purely on what is fare, just and lawful for the people you serve.  I feel that service is something that needs to be focused on more  in our judicial system.  Working 9 to 5 or working for only one segment of a community will not cut it.  To be effective, you must be a part of something more than one’s self before you can say you are a servant of the people. This is what sets me apart.

As a public servant, I do not just talk the talk, I walk the walk.  And when I am elected, I will guarantee that our court system is run with respect, open communication, efficient, and accessible for all citizens, not just the courthouse crowd.

During this campaign, I invite you to look at what I have done in my career, as an attorney, as a public servant, as a volunteer and as a mother.  I have walked the walk and you will see why I will be a different kind of Judge. I am humbled to have the oppurtunity to do this because I believe:

“People matter more than politics.”

Natalie Broussard

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